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Please note: we service the ENTIRE area below DAILY, not just on certain days of the week, so you can have service when YOU want it, not when we tell you you will have to have it. If you book ahead we will be able to do it on your requested day!!
Ready to spend your free time having fun instead of cleaning house? Then call us. We do house cleaning and maid services across the entire Colorado front range!
Here is a partial list of areas we service daily, Monday through Friday and Saturdays and Sunday's by special
Some of the areas that Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service, Inc and Mountain Maids of Colorado, LLC. provides services in includes:

Arvada,  Aurora,  
Boulder,  Bow Mar,  Brighton,  Broomfield,  
Castle Pines,  Castle Rock,  Centennial,  Cherry Creek,  Cherry Hills,  Colorado Springs, Commerce City,  
Edgewater,  Englewood,  
Federal Heights,  Fountain,  
Greenwood Village,  
Highlands Ranch,  
Lafayette,  Lakewood,  Larkspur,  Littleton,  Lone Tree,  Louisville,  
Montbello,  Monument,  Morrison,
Sheridan, Superior,  
Westminster,  Wheat Ridge,

This includes the most of the counties of:
  Adams,  Arapahoe,  Boulder,   Denver,  Douglas,  Elbert,  El Paso,  Jefferson,  

plus many other cities, towns and counties in the state of  Colorado

Call our office for more info:719-634-1139 or 303-703-9392
           Call us on 303-703-9392 or 719-634-1139 
Are you ready to UPGRADE your house Cleaning Service? Then it's time to call us!

If you are you tired of dealing with the high priced franchise companies that make big promises, charge high rates and then fail to deliver what was promised? Are you ready for a change? If you are looking for affordable house cleaning in Denver, Colorado Springs and all the surrounding areas you have come to the right place. For over 22 years we have been providing affordable cleaning services across the entire front range of Colorado.

About Us:

In Colorado Springs we trade as Colorado Springs House Cleaning. In Denver we trade as Mountain Maids of Denver.  We are a FAMILY owned business and we strive to know EACH AND EVERY ONE of our customers personally. Every one of our customers is important to us and it is our goal to provide the best possible service at an affordable price. We try to tailor our service to meet your budget and requirements. Unlike some of our competition we provide personalised service and  we will be happy to work with you to make our service affordable. Often that may mean cleaning just certain rooms, or limiting the time, etc. Whatever it takes!

There are a lot of cleaning companies out there .. some are good, some are fair and some are just plain bad!! Over the years we have seen many companies come and go in this business. Take a look at an old copy of the yellow pages and count how many of the companies that were there a few years ago no longer appear in the yellow pages. This is not an easy business to be succesful in. Over the years we have even seen people who have purchased a cleaning franchise from one of the major franchise companies, and after a short while decided to give up on the business after it dawns on the buyer that this is a tough business and takes real work to be successful. These owners often bow out by either walking away from the business and taking a major loss of their investment or by trying to sell the customer base to a successful local company like us. Over the years we have been approached numerous times and have purchased the customer base of 4 local companies, which has helped us grow, but was a painful experience for the former business owners.

Contrary to what many believe, this is not an easy business to be succesful in. Many are drawn to this business by the myth of low start up costs, but to do it right the start up costs are far from low. The larger, more succesful franchise companies startup costs begin at around $80,000 plus operating capital for a small territory and can easily run 4 or 5 times this cost for a larger territory (which is usually what is required to be succesful). The smaller "franchise" companies are just "mom and pop" operations that are willing to provide some training in the business for a fee, and after that you are on your own. The vast majority of these franchise buyers go out of business within 22 months.

Individuals who have worked as maids for one of the franchise company or a successful company like ours feel that they can do it on their own, and they are often encouraged to go do so by misguided friends, relatives and potential customers who think they will be able to get cheaper service by hiring the individual to work for them privately rather than using a cleaning service. This unfortunately for the individual does not actually work out the way they expected. Soon the individual realizes that if they are going to do it right they are going to have to spend money to make money and usually they do not have any. Liability insurance, workers comp insurance and bonding are now things they are going to pay for instead of their former employer. They are now going to have to purchase the supplies and equipment, and oh yes .. that equipment doesn't maintain itself .. the vacuum just broke, who is going to pay to have it repaired? Also, now that I am working for myself I have to pay for my own gas, I don't get paid travel time, I have to pay my own social security and unemployment insurance .... this is just not worth it! At the end of the year it is crunch time. They have not been paying their payroll taxes as they should be, and now not only is there no money coming back from the IRS, they are now going to have to actually pay in. And not only the state and federal taxes, but also their unemployment, medicare and  social security (FICA). In addition they not only have to pay the employee portion of the FICA but they also have to pay the employers portion of the FICA. This becomes a critical issue for the individual ... most of them have not saved to pay into their FICA or taxes and so they either don't file their return or they get discouraged and get out of the business ...quickly!

Those who do get through this crisis soon realize that to survive they are going to have to do something to keep working. Customers don't stay forever. We are a society that moves a lot and often the customer they really depended on has now decided to pick up and move out of town. Now they are going to have to spend money advertising. After a while they realise that they need to hire an accountant to do their books, they are going to have to pay for a phone to take messages from clients, etc. etc.  .... Suddenly it is not as easy as they thought! The majority of individuals who "go into business for themselves" do not last more than 12 months. Most are out of business in less than 6. It is rare to find an individual who has lasted more than a few years in their own business. Even those who have some money and start the business from scratch and do everything right go through numerous bumps in the road. Some make it some do not.

Why should you choose House Cleaning Denver / Colorado Springs by Mountain Maids and Colorado Springs House Cleaning over the others?

That is a good question! The key difference is the way the company is managed. My wife Linda and I  (Mario) are personally involved in the day to day management of our two locations in Colorado Springs and Denver. When you call our offices you will talk to either one of us or one of our hand picked office staff who know and understand how important our customers are to us.  I have been running this business for over 22 years now and CARE about each one of my CUSTOMERS. I can asure you that you are not one of many hundreds of customers that are not important to us. We have built our business over the years one single customer at a time and every single customer is important to us. Our goal is each of us in the office and for our cleaning employees get to know you and your requirements specifically and to do in your home what it is that YOU want. Everybody is different. We all have our pet peeves and our goal is to get to know you and your requirements and your pet peeves and then provide to you the service you expect. We do not operate like the franchise operations that will only do certain things, follow their checklist and rush out of your home! If you want personalized affordable Colorado Springs house cleaning or Denver house cleaning then you need us!

What about our employees?

We have been at this a long time, and the fact of the matter this is hard work to do day in and day out As a company our goal is to hire the very best, to train them in our way of doing things and then to motivate them to give our customers the best quality service.

Our company, like all the other cleaning companies, draws from the same pool of people out there. The key to providing quality service to our customers has to do good training and with motivating our employees to do their best for our customers. If an employee is capable but not happy they are not likely to do a good job. On the other hand if you have a HAPPY EMPLOYEE they will do the best they can for the CUSTOMER! We  do HAVE HAPPY EMPLOYEES! In all our years of being in business it is RARE for one of our employees to leave to go work for our competition. Usually if they leave it is to persue another position outside of cleaning that they feel is a good move for them and we encourage them to do what they can to better themselves. Our employees have no reason to leave us to join another cleaning service .. they LOVE working for us, they feel part of the FAMILY, they are cared for and encouraged and it SHOWS in the quality of their work ..the work they do in YOUR home!

Our Pricing Structure.

Our pricing is based on an hourly rate based on the amount of time we schedule for your home. For example if your home is being cleaned every other week, based on your requirements and the size of your home we may for example schedule 2 1/2 hours x 2 people for your house cleaning.  That would mean every time our employees come to your home they have up to 2 1/2 hours to do the cleaning in your home.  Our employees are paid by the hour so they are very motivated to stay the full 2 1/2 hours in your home to do what you expect. If we find after the first few cleanings that we can do your home in less time, then we will contact you to see if in the future you would like us to plan less time, or if you would like our employees to tackle other projects in your home that are not currently being done. For example our employees can do additional things like cleanings the inside of a fridge or oven, doing laundry, etc.

When you are hiring a cleaning service ask this question... are you being charged by the hour or by the job? How much time will actually be spent cleaning your home? If the company is VAGUE about how much time they will spend in your home there is a REASON...and it is this... Their employees are being paid a percentage of the job rather than on an hourly basis. So for example if you are paying $100 and they have 3 employees in your home each being paid 20% of the job, that would mean each employee earns $20.00 for doing your home.

There is a real problem with paying employees this way. The problem is this.... if the employees take 2 hours each to clean your home, then they earn $10 per hour, but if they can rush through your home and get it done in 1 hour then they have made $20 per hour. That's nice for the employee but not good for the customers. In the first scenario they spent a total of 6 work hours in your home for the $100 you spent, in the second case they spent only 3 work hours for this same $100. The lack of quality of the job in the second case will show! The other thing is because they are rushing they will land up breaking a lot of things in your home!!

THE PROBLEM with this is that the way the employees are compensated forces them to RUSH. Initially they may do a good job in your home, but after a while they will take less and less time in your home but you will still continue to pay the same rate even though you are getting less work! In addition, if the company has under quoted the job the employees feel like they are being cheated because they cannot earn a fair amount in the amount of time they need to do the job .. so they do a bad job for you .. neither you or the employee wins .. the only person winning is the company. As a company we do not want to do this to our employees or our customers. Our goal is to charge a fair price, give you a realistic expectation of what you will get for what you are paying, pay our employees fairly so that they provide you with quality service. .. win,win,win for all!!

What else should I know?

We provide quality AFFORDABLE house cleaning. We are not the cheapest in town because we provide quality cleaning, but because we are not a franchise we are affordable. We do not ahve the overheads that the franchise companies have to carry so we can charge less than them. It is however important to us that we do not cut corners in order to be cheap. We believe in doing things right, so we pay our employment taxes, pay for workers compensation insurance and liability insurance,  do comprehensive background checks on our employees, carry bonding on our employees and spend whatever is required to ensure that we are avove boad and ethical. For that reason we have been in business for over 22 years and will be in business for next 22 years.

The majority of our customers try us out for a while and then stay with us forever after they discover how great we are. Give us a try, there is no long term commitment ... I am sure once you have tried us out you will not feel the need to look any further!

Thank You for considering us!

Mario Philippou

Colorado Springs House Cleaning Service  (719) 634-1139
Mountain Maids of Colorado     (303) 703-9392